11 Tips For Creating Amazing Social Media Videos

The rise of social media has provided users with new platforms to share their thoughts, ideas, and love for different communities. Making your own video is not a new thing. Many people have already been doing this for years. 

The main reason why this trend has gained so much momentum recently is that content creators are no longer limited by their choice of what they want to share through their social media platforms. Instead, they can upload a video to any platform they want and reach an unlimited number of potential viewers interested in the type of content they produce.

If you want to share your content on social media platforms like YouTube, you must learn the best ways to create high-quality videos. This article teaches you everything you need to know about creating amazing social media videos.

1. Do your research

Before you spend time and effort creating a video, it is recommended that you always do some background research first. Learn all there is to know about the topic so that your video can be as detailed and informative as possible. You should also research what topics other similar videos are usually about so that your audience does not become bored by what you are presenting through your video. With so many different platforms available for you to choose from, you need to decide which one is the best fit for your topic.

2. Know your audience

Before you start creating your video, you should research to find out who the target audience is. You might create a video for people in one particular region of the world while your audience can be from another part of the world. You should always research where your audience is from to know how many people are likely to watch your video. You will also want to make sure that the content you are putting into your video is of good quality.

3. The script

Now that you have compiled all of this information, it is time to write a script for your video to put everything into a format that makes sense and is easy to follow. The script must be clear and concise so that the viewers can easily understand it. You will also want to keep your script to a length that makes sense for whatever platform you create your video on.

4. Select a good video editor

Spend the time to find a good video editor that will help you create the best possible social media videos. Most of the top video editors are very affordable and will allow you to create amazing videos in a short amount of time. It is a good idea to get an online video maker to enable you to use effects that are not too distracting and relatively simple.

5. Intro should be eye-catching

Make sure that the intro of your video is very eye-catching so that people are compelled to keep watching. This means that you should use an eye-catching visual such as a logo to introduce the entire video upfront. If you do this, it is more likely that people will keep watching without any distractions from other videos vying for their attention.

6. Take care of the Lighting

Take your time to make sure that the lighting of your video is not too distracting. If the lighting of your video is too bright, you may make yourself hard to look at while filming, and this can be a problem if you are trying to create a video that people will enjoy watching. For example, if you are filming with a green screen in the background, enough light must come through so that viewers can see everything. This sort of thing can be fixed by using additional lights or controlling the colours in the background so that it is not in too much contrast with your skin colour.

7. Pay attention to sound

The same idea applies to sound as well. You must take the time to make your video sound great because it creates a good impression on your viewers. Use an online video maker and take the time to use good sound effects and music for your video.

8. Focus on a Story

You must create videos that have a clear story. It does not matter how good your video looks, people are not going to watch it because your video does not have a clear-enough purpose for them in the first place. Therefore, it is important to create a story that people love and have a clear reason why they should be interested in what you are sharing through your social media platform.

9. Keep it Concise

The main reason so many people choose to create videos for their social media platforms is that this format allows them to showcase their ideas in a short amount of time. This means you do not want your video to go on for longer than ten minutes. Anything longer than ten minutes may seem like too much work for someone watching that video because they can choose a shorter and more convenient alternative from the same platform.

10. Add CTA to end

It is a good idea to add a CTA to the end of your video so that people can quickly know how they can get in touch with you when they are interested in what you are presenting through your video. This means you will want to add something like “click below for an email” or something that leads viewers to another landing page where they can subscribe or contact you directly.

11. Optimise your video for multiple platforms

The last thing you will want to do is optimise your video for multiple platforms. This will ensure that you reach a broad audience and not limit yourself to one specific platform. With so many different social media platforms available, you must reach a variety of people using the right sort of content so that they can find what they are looking for.

Creating social media videos is one of the most fun ways to show off your creative side and can attract a big audience if done right. The key to creating social media videos is choosing the right video platform, as this will allow you to use a variety of tools for your exclusive use within that app. You can also improve your videos by making sure that the lighting and sound are not too distracting from the video and that you provide a good story behind the content being displayed.

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