All There is to Know About SMS Marketing

Did you know that the typical individual looks at their phone 150 times every day? Forty-six per cent of adults admit checking their phones even before getting up from their bed in the morning.

Furthermore, text messages have a much higher open rate than email, with 98 per cent vs. only 20% for email. SMS has gained significant momentum in the last decade that no one is left untouched by its glorious revolution.

Read on to know more about SMS Marketing and why SMS services are still on the market.

What is SMS Marketing?

The customers do not come to you. You must take the initiative and follow your customer.

Now, how do you find them and go to them? Nope, visiting every house on the lane and ringing their doorbell is not an option anymore. Instead, it has become super simple and can be one quick tap on your mobile phone.

Text messaging has become the most direct communication channel as individuals become more attached to their phones. When done effectively, text message marketing, or SMS marketing, can be one of the most effective ways of engaging with customers.

SMS marketing is delivering promotional or transactional text messages (SMS) to gain more customer support. These messages are primarily used to send time-sensitive updates, offers, and notifications to people who have agreed to receive them from your company.

Why Should You Choose SMS Marketing?

You might be wondering why you should go for SMS marketing over any other medium. Here’s why:

●     High Engagement Outcomes

Emails can go unopened for days, and phone calls may go ignored, but text messages are nearly always read right away. SMS engagement is tremendous, with more than 80% of SMS messages being read within 5-6 seconds of receiving. As a result, SMS is beneficial for sending crucial information with a reasonable success rate.

●     Trackable

Marketers and advertisers have long found it difficult to track marketing attribution. Determining how a customer discovered your service or product is difficult. Was there a banner ad that the buyer saw? Is this a print ad? Maybe the buyer came to you after reading a blog post?

That’s not the case with SMS service. There are many SMS services available in the market that allow you to run your campaign and provide you with precise statistics and will enable you to track each step of the conversion process, beginning with the first delivery and opening.

●     Personal Touch

When you send texts from your mobile device, you have the chance to personalise the messages informally. Using simple words like ‘my friend,’ ‘you,’ ‘I,’ ‘us,’ ‘our’ can be very engaging for the customers and is a great strategy that works almost always.

The customer feels personally involved and significant by the use of customisation.

●     No Internet Connection Required

When talking about SMS marketing, this is a huge advantage. People sometimes don’t have enough data to recharge to receive WhatsApp messages or emails. And in that instance, your marketing message can break through.


SMS marketing is not just persistent, but it is also becoming more relevant as mobile technology advances. It’s a fantastic independent marketing channel and a great way to augment your campaigns on other digital platforms.

With life getting equipped around laptops and smartphones, SMS marketing is here to stay for a long time to win your attention.


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