December 4, 2022

Top Things To Do in Srinagar

With its majestic mountain background, lovely Dal Lake, and an ever pleasant climate, Srinagar is rightfully dubbed as “Paradise on Earth.” Srinagar also has a variety of tourist drawing attractions and activities throughout the year. There really is no shortage of enjoyable stuff one can do in Srinagar, including sleeping on a houseboat to taking the shikhara, hiking on the slopes, and strolling the forests. In complement to churches, monuments, temples, and museums, there seem to be a variety of gardens to explore. View More about Srinagar at

With these many things to do in this natural beauty, it’s simple to see why this magnificent city has charmed all nature and history enthusiasts. The best things to do in Srinagar, including big attractions and hidden gems, will quench your hunger for discovery. We’ve got you covered if your vacation is short and you’re having trouble narrowing down your options to just a few things to visit. Here is a list of the top 5 things in Srinagar that you must include in your schedule.

Get Mesmerized in Dal Lake

The Dal Lake, Srinagar’s crown jewel, is nearly a graphical portrayal of the city and is linked with a trip to Srinagar. Whilst multicoloured shikaras (gondolas) glide along, the mirror like Dal Lake illuminates the Himalayan snow dusted summits of the Pir Panjal mountains. Its primary attractions are the houseboats and shikaras. The floating bazaar on Srinagar’s Dal Lake is extremely renowned, with traders having their respective Shikaras but not shying away from engaging with visitors in their most charming handicrafts, spices, sweets, and sometimes even ice creams. Ice skating on the frozen Dal Lake draws a large number of visitors throughout the winter months.

Enjoy A Shikara Ride

The soothing and wonderful Shikara rides are the principal motivation that drives the tourists visit to Srinagar. Another one of the coolest things to do in Srinagar is to go on a tour of one. Enjoying a boat trip over the picturesque Dal Lake with the magnificent slow moving Himalayas in the background is an amazing adventure. Shikara trips from Nehru Park to Hazratbal, Nagin, Rainawari, and return are available. View More about Srinagar at

Stay in Houseboat

Among the most lovely activities to do in Srinagar is to relax in a houseboat on the Dal Lake, which is surrounded by beautiful waterways. The houseboats, which are built of wood and decorated in a traditional Kashmiri manner, are a magnificent opportunity to explore the unique cultural existence. The neighbouring ambiance as well as the indoor decoration will captivate you. Furthermore, it is a really relaxing and pleasant activity to participate in, and you will feel completely revived afterwards. Come and unwind at the houseboat and make your vacation a peaceful one.

Visit the Beautiful Mughal Gardens

Among the most renowned and frequented tourist activities in Srinagar is the Mughal Gardens, that have now completely transformed the image of the Mughal Empire. The Mughals set out to create various styles of Persian gardens throughout imperial reign, and the Mughal Gardens are a collection of such gardens. The stunning look of the location, including its verdant lawn and tulips, is a stress reliever and aesthetically pleasant. One of the most common attractions of Srinagar is really the gardens; visitors may enjoy lengthy walks around the gardens or simply relax and absorb the scenery.

Walks in the Apple Orchards

Srinagar is one of India’s most attractive cities, with verdant gardens, free flowing streams, as well as idyllic settings. In addition, it is from here that 80% of the nation’s apple supply is controlled. So, go see the verdant covered fields filled with fresh plants dotted with gleaming red apples and then let the picturesque view stay with you eternally. Get the taste of the juicy red apples in this paradise of a place, crown jewel of India. View More about Srinagar at

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