December 4, 2022

Learning a new language has never been easier or more accessible. It’s essential we start our kids early on the path to multilingualism. Since Chinese is one of the fastest-growing languages in the world, learning it as early as possible is crucial. If you think your child is ready for an advanced level of language acquisition, here are a few reasons for parents to consider Primary Chinese tuition.

Rooted to Heritage 

Learning a family’s native language gives children a strong sense of belonging and identity. As parents and caregivers, it’s our job to help them discover the excitement of connecting with their culture. Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world. So to say, primary school Chinese can offer your child many opportunities.

Chinese tuition in Singapore prepares your child to master speaking and understanding the language. Any Chinese tuition centre helps children become fluent in the language and develop a strong connection to one of the world’s most spoken languages.

 Chinese is the Most Spoken Language

The most common language in the world is…you guessed it, Chinese! This beautiful language has sound and structure that have been around for thousands of years. Amazingly, almost 20% of the world’s population speaks some variety of Chinese language, with over one billion people speaking Mandarin. That’s a big chunk of the world!

Mandarin is the language of choice for over one billion people worldwide. Learning Mandarin opens a whole new world of possibilities for kids and their families.

As the world’s second most popular language, Chinese is an investment that your child will appreciate for years to come. Do you want your child to be able to communicate with almost half of all people in the world? That’s what primary Chinese tuition does! 

Opens up Many Avenues

Learning Chinese is instrumental to your child’s future success. Bilingual candidates get an edge over others in many workplaces and can grow their careers more quickly than monolinguals. Your child will learn more than just language, but also cultural understanding and values that will enrich their lives for years to come.

Learning Chinese Improves Other Skills

Chinese is a tonal language. Its writing system uses characters rather than the Latin alphabet. Learning a tonal language as a child can help your kid differentiate between sounds and tones, which can improve their music skills. Learning to write Chinese characters will also help build fine motor skills while improving math skills.

 Chinese is Becoming Popular in Schools

There’s no better time to start learning Chinese than while your child is young. And when it comes to learning a foreign language, there’s no shortage of options. But they can be confusing if you don’t know where to begin. Whether your child’s school teaches Chinese or not, qualified tutors in Singapore can help them stay top of their class. With our Mandarin for Kids learning kit, we give them everything they need to get started and be successful.

Learning Chinese is Fun!

Language is the most important reason of all. After all, you leave a permanent imprint on your child’s body and soul with every single word you speak. Your kids will enjoy learning a new language and will feel proud of developing a new skill.

Primary Chinese Tuition will be Resourceful in the Long Run

Your children are exceptional, and their potential should be fiercely nurtured. The extra classes allow students to explore concepts in greater depth, tackling challenging course material with confidence and curiosity. Students who take additional classes are often able to explore core concepts in greater depth, tackling challenging course material with confidence and curiosity.

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Explore Your World 

Simply Education offers a range of affordable, accessible and flexible study options. We work with our students to ensure that they are able to achieve their dream qualifications. At Simply Education, our tutors are passionate about education and deliver results at affordable prices. Your child will have opportunities to expand their horizons, learn new skills, and tackle challenging course material with confidence and curiosity.

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