Woman hats etiquette – Dos and don’ts of wearing a hat

Once upon a time, it was used to be the most essential piece available in every woman’s closet. To date, you can see women hats in trend, but their main purpose is to ensure protection from the Sun. However, there are some basic rules of wearing hats, and it’s expected to be followed by everyone, except under some special circumstances.

Let’s discuss some key points related to hat etiquette, and depending on it, you can understand when you should actually wear a hat and what kind is feasible for your personality.

Hat etiquette for women—What are the dos?

Wear your fashionable hats every day

Fashionable hats include chupallas, boater hats, stylish berets, cowboy hats, fedoras, and velvet cloches. These fashionable hats can enhance your everyday look. Being available in multiple styles, shapes, and colors can be used indoors and outdoors. You would be surprised to know that we can wear fashionable hats even indoors, especially when you visit someone’s home or a restaurant. You can even wear hats in a mall or at cultural events. But it’s advisable to avoid using this kind of headpiece in concerts or workplaces. It would be much more polite and better to avoid wearing hats when you are watching a movie in the cinema complex.

Wear functional hats when required

Unlike our dressy hats, the functional heads are used for providing protection against dust and Sun. We can wear such hats at the park or on the beach. Generally, functional hats range from Scala, and Scala Classico to Scala beachwear hats, Scala hats, and visors. You can adapt the hat etiquette depending on the kind of hat you’re using as well as the prevailing weather of the area. Suppose if you are in such a place where there is a huge crowd, it’s much appropriate to avoid wearing large-brimmed hats because it can make you bump against others. 

Do wear hats that fit the shape of your face

We know that it’s always better to put on something that goes well with the shape of our body. In this case, you should pick a hat that matches your face shape. General advice about the perfect hat for respective head shapes.


  • Round face 

Wear a heat with a small headpiece or a flower to make your face appear elongated.

  • Petite

Do you know that delicate hats can make you appear taller?

  • Long face

Always go for the beret style.

  • Squared jaw

Opt for the large hats to soften the facial look.

  • Girls with glasses

If you are one among those who wear glasses, go for the upturned brim style, followed by layers of tulle.

Wear baseball caps and athletic hats in sporting events

If you love to wear athletic hats or baseball caps, you can only wear them at sporting events or outdoors. However, you can wear them but remove before entering the premises. It makes you appear rude to wear such hats in government offices, schools, and libraries. Avoid wearing such hats when you are visiting a restaurant for a meal or even being invited for lunch at your friend’s place. Also, you should remove your hat as a sign of respect when the national anthem is played at any event.

Women hat etiquette—What are the don’ts?

Avoid wearing hats at inappropriate events

It is best to wear hats when you are visiting the traditional church services and funerals. You can even wear them at sporting events, and it’s usually appropriate to go for a dressy hat that fits such events. There are some churches that have made it mandatory to wear hats for women. You can even wear stylish and decorative hats at the wedding ceremony held during the daytime as well as at the luncheons. We know hats are traditional accessories, but it’s not much of a required item. If you want to use it, it’s your personal choice. It’s best to avoid hats at the race meetings and Royal Ascot.

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Avoid wearing pins on the left side

When it comes to wearing pins and ornaments along with womens hats, always wear them on the right side. Accessories, decorations and ornaments include ribbons, feathers, bows pins, flowers, and such. It’s simply just the opposite for men’s hat. For men, decorations or ornaments should be worn on the left side.  

Fashion hats do not pair with evening gowns or cocktail dresses

Fashion hats are traditionally not worn on dressed-up occasions. For formal events, let’s check out the list of appropriate hats. 

  • Fascinators
  • Cocktail hats
  • Fancy combs
  • Veils
  • Delicate scarves are beautifully tied in the form of headbands or turbans.

Closing remarks

Proudly wear your hat to flaunt your style! If you are not aware of the proper hat ethics, you can follow this guide. Nevertheless, hats will import a classic look to your outfit, but without knowing the proper hat etiquette, it can label you otherwise. So, now you have learned the rules.

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